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Links to general hotel booking sites for Karlstad for location

Scandic Hotel Winn
Host of the conference dinner

Booking code: GEOMEDIA
Price per night single room: SEK 866
Price per night double room: SEK 1066
Phone: +46 54 776 47 13

There are a limited number of rooms reserved at Scandic Hotel Winn.  The reservations will be held until April 6, 2019For more information, visit the website:

Travel to Karlstad has connecting flights from/to Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) and Frankfurt (FRN). The airport is located about 10 miles from the City Centre.

There are good train connections from ARN via Stockholm C to Karlstad. From Gothenburg (GOT or GSE) one takes an airport bus or taxi to the railway station in Gothenburg. There is even a good train and bus connection from Oslo.

From KSD Airport to City Centre

Airport bus (usually operated by a taxi or minibus) is about 8€. Ordering a regular taxi at the airport is an option but more expensive.
Please note the airport bus or needs to be pre-booked, at least 1 hour before landing. Book your flight transit at:

*Taxi: (or ask your Travel agent)
Regular taxi in Karlstad: +46 54 15 02 00 or + 46 020 97 97 97 (fixed price)
You don’t need to tip the driver.

Train route planner for Sweden:

Transfer time by train from the major airports (ARN/GOT) is approximately 3 hours. The other option is to fly to Gardemoen (OSL) in Norway, and then take a bus or train via Oslo. Flights to OSL tend to be affordable, so it may even be cost effective in combination with a rental car (approximately a 3 hours’ drive to Karlstad).

Getting to the University from your hotel

When you are in Karlstad city you will notice the unmistakeably orange fleet of buses. That is Karlstad’s main commuter bus service. To get to the university, you will take Line 1 (that goes to ‘Campus’). It takes about 10 minutes from Karlstad’s square (or as locally known, ‘Stora Torget’) to the university. Make sure to alight at the “Universitetet” bus stage as the final stop for Line 1 is the students’ residence area know as ‘Campus’ and not the venue of the conference. From the bus stop to the main centre of the university (or the library building) is a one-minute walk.

The conference will provide a valid commuter bus ticket. The ticket can be used for transport between Karlstad city and Karlstad University (about 6kms apart) for all the days of the conference. The tickets will be handed out during the registration at Arenan. For late arrivals, this will be handed out in the morning on the first day of the conference.

If you wish to purchase bus tickets for your commute within Karlstad city, use a vending machine at the main square (‘Stora Torget’) or buy directly from the “Pressbyrån” (shop). The shop has branches at Karlstad Central train station, the main square and on Drottninggatan Street. At Karlstad University there is also a “Pressbyrån” opposite the bus stop.