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Welcome to Karlstad!

The organizers of the 3rd International Geomedia Conference are excited to welcome you to Karlstad city and to our university.

When you are in Karlstad city you will notice the unmistakable orange fleet of buses. That is Karlstad’s main commuter bus service. To get to the university, take Line 1 (that goes to ‘Campus’). It takes about 10 minutes from Karlstad’s square (or as locally known, ‘Stora Torget’) to the university. Make sure to alight at the “Universitetet” bus stage as the final stop for Line 1 is the students’ residence area know as ‘Campus’ and not the venue of the conference. From the bus stop to the main centre of the university (or the library building) is a minute’s walk.

The conference will provide a valid commuter bus ticket. The ticket can be used for transport between Karlstad city and Karlstad University (about 6kms apart) for all the days of the conference. The tickets will be handed out during the registration at Arenan. For late arrivals, this will be handed out in the morning on the first day of the conference.

If you wish to purchase bus tickets for your commute within Karlstad city, use a vending machine at the main square (‘Stora Torget’) or buy directly from the “Pressbyrån” (shop). The shop has branches at Karlstad Central train station, the main square and on Drottninggatan Street. At Karlstad University there is also a “Pressbyrån” opposite the bus stop.

See our ‘Practical Information‘ page for more about travel, commute and accommodation in Karlstad.

We wish you safe travels and an enjoyable stay in Karlstad!