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Scott McQuire

Geomedia, urban communication and participatory public space
The transition to a social life marked by ubiquitous networked connectivity has become one of the defining features of city life over the last two decades. In this presentation, I want to consider the impact of this shift on contemporary public space. How do iterative practices of communication supported by networked digital platforms reshape processes of public assembly and forms of social encounter? What settings and practices might support more ‘participatory’ interactions in the context of contemporary public space, and how can participation be articulated with widespread ambitions for greater citizen involvement in urban events and processes as an element of contemporary democracy? How do these new conditions challenge our understanding of older terms including media, participation and public?

About Scott McQuire
Scott McQuire is Associate Professor and Reader in the  Media and  Communication Program, School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne.  His research focuses on the interplay between digital media and urban space, and he is the author of author and co-editor of eight books and over 100 scholarly essays. His new book Geomedia: Networked Cities and the Future of Public Space will be published by Polity in October 2016.   Scott is a founding member of the interdisciplinary Research Unit for Public Cultures at the University of Melbourne, and he sits on the Executive Committee of the Melbourne Networked Society Institute.


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