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Jacek Smolicki

Jacek will present his Fragmentarium, which hosts 12 different projects that have to do with documenting different aspects of the everyday-life via different media (sound, collage, video, text, GPS data, etc). The data is displayed as a series of index cards. There is also a digital component to the project. It is an embedded offline network that allows access to the digital database. Thus, the cards work as both archival traces and index cards leading to the corresponding digital data. The data is also available through nearby mobile devices.


About Jacek Smolicki
Jacek Smolicki is a cross-media artist and designer currently working as a researcher at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University where he is a member of the Living
Archives research project. He has been actively exhibiting and presenting his works internationally (e.g. Madrid, Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm). His projects include such forms
as interactive installations, sous-veillance art, site-specific memorial art, soundwalks, immersive soundscapes and performance (more on The aesthetics of experiencing and registering one’s everyday life in the context of contemporary media-technological landscape is the focal point of Smolicki’s scholarly and artistic interest. Since 2008 he has been constructing a multi-faceted archive of everyday life deploying a range of personal recording technologies ( For instance one of the constituent practices is an archive of one minute field recordings performed daily ever since July 2010.


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