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Programme update

We are proud to present that Matthew Weber from Rutgers School of Communication and Information, State University of New Jersey, will replace Philip Napoli in the Plenary Panel.

Letter of acceptance

We will in a few days send out notes of acceptance to all who have sent in abstracts and panel proposals. If you don’t receive a mail from us in the coming week, please contact us on

Programme change

Unfortunately, the plenary panel participant Philip Napoli won’t be able to attend the conference. We will soon come back with news on who will replace him in the panel. Stay tuned!

Deadline extended until Sunday 18 December

We apologize for the issues you might have faced to submit your abstract/panel. Due to these technical issues, we have extended the deadline until Sunday 18 December. You will find all the information you need to register here. Note that if you plan to submit a panel proposal, we recommend you follow the next steps: […]

Well that was unfortunate!

As you may have noticed, the website crashed on Thursday and we have not been able to recover it until Sunday. Of course, the gods of technology selected the deadline for submission to bring down the site. EasyChair remained open and we left a link to the submission system in the temporary makeshift website. Tomorrow […]

Final call for papers and panels

Don’t forget to submit your paper before December 9th. The “Spaces of the In-Between” conference includes themes such as: –    Art and event spaces –    Cinematic geographies –    Cosmopolitanism –    Everyday communication geographies –    Epistemologies and methodologies of geomedia –    Geographies of media and culture industries –    Geographies of news –    Historical perspectives of geomedia […]