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Final call for papers and panels

Don’t forget to submit your paper before December 9th.

The “Spaces of the In-Between” conference includes themes such as:

–    Art and event spaces
–    Cinematic geographies
–    Cosmopolitanism
–    Everyday communication geographies
–    Epistemologies and methodologies of geomedia
–    Geographies of media and culture industries
–    Geographies of news
–    Historical perspectives of geomedia
–    Lifestyle and tourism mobilities
–    Locative and spatial media
–    Material geographies of media
–    Media ecologies
–    Mediatization and space
–    Migration and media
–    Mobility and governance
–    Policy mobilities and power
–    Power geometries and mobility capital
–    Surveillance and spatial control
–    Urban and rural media spaces

To submit your abstract, go to the submission page!